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     LIDOVIT's results and successes have been also originated from the performance of its mottoes, "Quality First", and "Customer is God", throughout its building and developing process. As to the motto performance bringing about high effectiveness, the representative of LIDOVIT leadership said that the Company has specially emphasized the investment in three factors of vital significance to the Company which are, generally speaking, the human resources, technologies, and product quality. However, the difference constituting LIDOVIT's own hallmark is the way of performance and strategy suitable to each time of development in the market as well as meeting customers' needs via studying and attaching to the tastes of the market. With incessant efforts in every aspects, today LIDOVIT may feel proud as a company both having a team of experienced staff, and retaining a work-force of youthful employees (80% having graduated from universities, and technical workers' schools), with high professionalism, combined with modern technologies, as well as currently applying a quality management system under ISO 9001:2008 and producing assorted items under the standards of TCVN, JIS, Alsl, DIN, BS... As a result, LIDOVIT'S products (in special service to the industries of mechanics, construction, electronics, electric appliances and machinery, interior decorations, . . . with international quality standards) not only have the confidence and trust from domestic market, but are also exported to the USA, Japan, European Community . . . Moreover, the products under LIDOVIT brand also have the honor to receive such precious titles as gold cup for “Vietnamese High-quality Goods”, and gold medal for “Vietnamese Prestige & Quality Productsl”, and many other valuable certificates of commendation.