About Us

  • Formation profile

         LIDOVIT Trading & lndustrial Joint-stock Co. has its predecessor as LIDOVIT Nuts & Bolts Joint-venture Enterprise, established in 1988 as a joint venture between lmport & Export Co. of District 1 (SUNIMEX) and Motorbicycles & Bicycles Enterprise Union owned by Ho Chi Minh City Service of lndustry. ln 1997, LIDOVIT Enterprise belonged to Ben Thanh Group (BTG) and was equitized on Jan. 15, 2004 with its initial Registered Capital of VND 15,000,000,000 (Fifteen billion ViteNam dong), of which Ben Thanh Group accounted…
  • Development strategy & achievements

         LIDOVIT's results and successes have been also originated from the performance of its mottoes, "Quality First", and "Customer is God", throughout its building and developing process. As to the motto performance bringing about high effectiveness, the representative of LIDOVIT leadership said that the Company has specially emphasized the investment in three factors of vital significance to the Company which are, generally speaking, the human resources, technologies, and product quality. However, the difference constituting LIDOVIT's own hallmark is the way of performance and strategy suitable to each time of…
  • Perspective & mission

      On the firm foundation of internal force and rightful strategies suitable to the development trend of Vietnamese economy, LIDOVIT believes that the Company shall fly higher and farther in the market place, making greater and greater contributions to the success of Ho Chi Minh City industries, in particular, and of Vietnamese economy, in general.
  • Orientation of sustainable development

      Facing the fierce competition in the market when Vietnam has been deeply and widely integrated into the world economy, like many other companies, LIDOVIT must equipped itself with its own direction of growing to further enhance its available internal force, and create highly competitive advantages. ln this direction, since 2008, LIDOVIT has been striving to maintain the annual average growth rate from 20% to 25%. In addition, it continues to make the technological…